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Dear Employers,

Oceanbound Entertainment is placing musicians, bands and variety entertainers on most major US cruise lines, some of the smaller European cruise lines, as well as hotels and theme parks around the world.
All of our entertainers audition for us regardless of prior experience and we collect video demos, photos, repertoire lists and biographies which you can view in our artist demo portal.

Please contact us if you wish to have access to our artist demo portal.

For our auditions we use the most challenging music to ensure a higher quality standard than is the norm in this industry. While this means that more musicians fail our audition, it also means that the ones that pass are highly qualified to do the job properly.
Although we specialize in cruise ship entertainment, our artists are well suited for hotel entertainment. An entertainer who has learned from prior cruise ship jobs how to follow rules and regulations and how to properly represent their employer may be a better choice than their counterparts who are lacking this experience.

Furthermore, our bands and entertainers have learned to put together popular set lists to make sure their music appeals to many customers.

Whether you are looking for entertainment for your hotel or a cruise ship, let us show you some of our entertainer demos. You’ll be glad you did!