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About Us

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Oceanbound Entertainment was founded in 2006 by Marco Kasel, and aims to set a higher standard among entertainment agencies.

Our mission is to recruit entertainers of the highest quality for employment on today’s extravagant cruise ships by paying careful attention to our clients’ personal needs and preferences.

We are providing access to promising careers for orchestra musicians, cover bands, solo pianists, solo guitarists, one-man bands, Caribbean bands and classical string ensembles, as well as jugglers, magicians, singers, instrumentalists and comedians.

Marco Kasel has worked for several major cruise lines as a drummer and musical director since 1999. As a result, he is perfectly positioned to provide cruise lines with musicians and guest entertainers of excellent quality. Mr. Kasel fully understands the cruise lines’ specific needs for skills and quality of individual musicians, ensembles, and guest entertainers.

We feel that today’s cruise line industry is more exciting and promising than ever and we are looking forward to being able to contribute with our sincere efforts.

Come join us today and be a part of this exciting opportunity while cruising and discovering the world.